Universal Geneve-Polerouter is a German private collection website only forcus on the old POLEROUTER watches of Universal Geneve. It's a paradigm of collectors' sites. Take a look!
Steve G's Watch Launchpad're so many new and vintage wristwatches in Steve Gurevitz's site. You may find from Patek, A Lange to Seiko and Citizen watches here, and most important of all, the plantiful articles and clear photos will spend you several nights......
old-omegas watches are the must for old watch collectors. There must be something interesting in this site. Let's go........
Vintage Heuer site forcus on collecting and trading of vintage Heuer chronographs. Many different models of racing chronographs here.
Bubbleback Club rare and interesting Oyster models of Rolex from 30's to 70's out there!
Grand & King Seikos watches are meanful for most people I believe. There're still collectible Seiko watches for you even if you're not a common wristwatch buyer any more...........
James M. Dowling's Rolex Web James M. Dowling majors in antique Rolexes. You may find a lot of rare and beatiful old Rolexes out there, and you may purchase some of them.
Steve Williams' collectionhttp://www.noncompos.comDo not miss this site if you're interested in Ingenieur, Royal Oak, JLC and Omega etc.
Watches are fun! seems that Larry Seiden have a lot of fun in watch collecting. Yes I left no doubt with that after visit his site, and I guess I know what he exect like.
In Memory of Time's web site concerning vintage and modern mechanical watches. There are a lot of pictures and movies of watches here ...
BUCK UP Watches collection and other collections; Buck's Photo Gallery, Guest Gallery, Blog, BBS and some Links ..
watchkiller Rolex Personal webpage; a site about the history of one of the major Watch house in the world: Rolex Geneve. If you like Vintage Rolex Sports Model .. come visit ..
Tonycch's Vintage Seiko Collection's Vintage Seiko Collection; See the SEIKO Watch Links .. you wil find all the info about Seiko ..
The Rolex Collector; to provide basic knowledge for collectors of Rolex's most collectible sport watches from the 1960's and 1970's; focus on the more desirable vintage watches such as the Double-Red Sea-Dweller, Red Submariner, Orange Hand Explorer II and the rare COMEX watches.
The Rolex Reference Page's personal collection and some interesting articles, graphics and reference tools for others interested in Rolex watches.
Mondodes' Old Constellation Blog Mondodes is an expert on old vintage wristwatches, especially from 60~70s. He made a research on older Omega Constellations and other related models that made him an outstanding professional critic. Omega enthusiasts don't miss his blog!
OMEGA CHRONOMETRES Look into Phil's Collection - Vintage Omega Watches incl. Featured Watches, Manual Winding, Automatic Chronometre, Chronograph, Constellation and Seamaster .. enjoy !!
Old Sports Chronographs Jeff Stein is a professional collector of vintage sports chronograph, especially in Heuers. He created some special columns on his site like "Heuer Price Guide", "Poor-Man's Heuers" and "Dash-Mounted Timers" etc. that are very knowledgeable and funny. this site is really a treasury of vintage sports chronograph~

Database and Information
Oysterworld course this is a database especially for Rolex Oyster watches. The master provides us complete reference numbers and corresponding calibres of Rolexes. It's useful for collectors.
WorldTempus is a great site with the latest news and information on the Swiss watch industry.
Stephen Sugiyama's Articles Sugiyama's watch articles are worthy to read.
Royal Oak Club Oak series of Audemars Piguet are absolutely one of the most classic timepieces recently. There're many adherents and this site is the evidence!
Seiko Institute of Horology great artical with many pictures by Wayne Lee after his visiting of Seiko Institute of Horology.
VintageSubmariner collection information. A must visit and read!
The History of Grand Seiko short summary of Grand Seiko's history. It's useful for a GS's collector.
Swiss Watch is Mr. Ozdoba's personal site. The articles there are interesting.
chronoguyhttp://www.chronoguy.comMr. ChronoGuy and his Tool Watches website, very well.....
Speedmaster-Missionhttp://www.speedmaster-mission.netThe standard equipment of NASA astronauts, also a popular collection among watch fans. This site provites Speedy collectors very important information.
Speedmaster Moonwatch Movements Background Information's necessary for a Speedy lover to read this article about the movements of different Moonwatches written by Mr. Meddox.
Rolex Library criticizing and brief history of Rolex watches, it's good for improving the basic knowledge of Rolex.
RedWatches Red Submariners has become dreams of some Rolex collectors. This site teach you how to judge a red sub, and the Rolex military watches as well.
Paneristi think the Panerai lovers have been already known this site........
Jayhawk's Watch Photograph Database quality of old Seiko and Citizen watches are approved again by those collectors. It is great that there're a lot of photos of antique Seikos and Citizens.
DIVE (into) WATCHES - History of the Dive Watchhttp://www.rruegger.chDive watch is an important subject from 50's in the history of horology as well as in the vintage watch collecting. Let's dive there together!
Watchspot the "watch info section" about ; Retail Rolex Pricing Guide, Rolex Serial and Model Number Guide, Tudor Model Number Guide, Omega Serial number guide ...
BJSOnline Rolex Sports Model; Watch Forum , Buy and Sell Corner, Photos, Old Watch Ads, Catalogs and Nice Articles ... etc.
Peter's Uhrenseiten's website, the moderator of GP discussion board. He said " welcome to! Soon this will be another place in cyberspace for watch enthusiasts to look at watches, get informations about watches, talk about watches and meet new friends"
vintagewatch.info's finest watch; See classic years of collection from 1917-1936; Hamilton history; Movement information; Links and Forum..
Models of the Ingenieur Line of the Ingenieur line by the International Watch Company, Schaffhausen. - You can check by reference number or by model range in roughly chronological order of all Ingenieur models.

Stores Oline
Gisbert & Joseph & J is one of the best vintage watch online stores. The amount of watches and information about calibers make it a museum.
Ore Del Mondo Italian high quality vintage watch store online. The master shows the attractive power of old watches with his great vision and elegant typesetting. Nice!
Heirloom Gallery site is located in Singapore. It's a business site base on the master's hobby.
Stephen Bogoff Antique Pocket Watches treasure island for antique pocket watch collectors!
watchcommander is a must come webstore if you're looking for a high priced collectible wristwatch.
Vintage Watches and Watch Repair by Farfo may easily find what you want here!
finertimes is a famous vintage watch store online. I always find something I like everytime I get into there.
yorktime and sell affordable vintage watches, Rolex, Omega and other brands.
fathertimeantiques Time Antiques, the restorer and retailer of vintage and antique wristwatches, pocketwatches and clocks.
WatchesToBuy; fine vintage and used watches for sale from the 1920's to 1970's. Buy and sell vintage watches of all kinds including Rolex, Omega and chronograph watches. Also see the "Watch Parts Forum"; only parts and accessories permitted to be posted !!

Time Zonehttp://www.timezone.comUndoubtedly is the # 1 forum in watches worldwide. Just get yourself into there....
The Purists is a website for high priced or AHCI's products collectors. There're important information for you if you're one of them.
chronocentric is a non-commercial resource on the Internet for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of Omega and other fine wristwatches.
Watch Bus's a Taiwan website built for watch fanatics. It is also popular in Chinese world.