We love old watches!

This network was built by 2 middle age men-Jeff Chiang & Robert Chen, on the dream of creating a showroom for beautiful old watches. We hope to promote our interest and show our collection to friends worldwide who have enthusiasm, passions and interests in antique or old vintage watches.

You may find some beautiful unique vintage watches in "Private Collection". Of course there're some luxury timepieces but we put our old watches here because they're rare, beautiful, interesting and most important of all, they are precious for owners. There's nothing to do with price.

E-mail us : owc@oldwatch.club.tw


As well as the "Watches & Accessories", there're also many highly collectible vintage watches. Rare and excellent classic watches for personal own collection or daily use. The plentiful "Old Watch AD" will satisfy you the needs of sources and material of imaging good old days. After that, you may go to "Favorite Links" to consult and check the data or look for your next target timepieces. We wish this forum will become a database of old watch information.

You're always welcomed to join us, discuss old watches with us.